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Why test with a dyno?

Testing car on the dyno is a fundamental thing if you are a car tuner, chiptuner or service technician.
By testing the car on dyno or rolling road you can:
  1. Test engine/car in safe conditions with full power and really high speeds
  2. Identify any engine and power problems
  3. Give a client proof of quality
The dynamometer is the best tool and at the same time solution for many problems in the automotive industry.
You can find out the exact engine power curve and analyze it, which isn’t really possible on road conditions or could be even dangerous. It is possible to measure power in laboratory conditions at any wheel speed, any engine speed. By using dyno constant rpm mode power is measured at user-defined engine speed. Dynamometer can hold engine speed steady in case of tuning engine control unit. The safe limit for dyno bearings is 250km/h which is enough for any application.
Sometimes in the fault-finding process service technicians need to do road tests. Then dyno saves some time as you can do repair and immediate testing in house.
Many tuning, chiptuning, and engine tuning companies can use a dyno for proving client power increase and overall engine performance. The client mostly will trust company with dyno and real dyno printout for promised engine power increase. Dyno is not just a tool, but also a good instrument to gain respect from clients by showing real numbers not just promises. Needless to say, that power increase is needed also for the tuner, because then the tuner can analyze data, learn more from his work, and get the best possible engine power. By testing the car on the dyno and analyzing data, the tuner can make safe engine characteristics, not only at full power but also at cruising speeds and slight acceleration.

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