Dynotest 2WD braked
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Model / type2WD, Braked
Dimensions (L x W)1100 x 3330 x 500 mm
Wheelbase min/max2000/900 mm
Roll Diameter320 mm
Weight on Axle3000 kg
Axlesx 1
Electromagnetic Brake1600Nm
Modes of OperationBraked, Inertial
Power supply1 x 16A
Air supply6 bar

Controller description:

  • 3 analog (0V-5V) inputs, for example for Lambda sensors, MAP, boost, etc.
  • Horsepower correction factor using SAE J1349 (based on temperature, ambient pressure, and humidity from manual entry or from environmental sensors
  • Support for low-cost OBD2 adapters (Bluetooth or USB) in the ELM327 series
  • Support for low-cost USB CAN bus adapters
  • Support for KMTronic external relays, controlled by buttons or by data channels being over or under a threshold. Use this to for example automatically turn on a fan.
  • Easy to use software with setup wizards and calibration options
  • wideband lambda – LSU 4.9
  • 8 x K-type thermocouple input

Software features:

  • multiple correction factors – DIN, SAE, ISO
  • raw sensor data logging
  • data export as .csv file
  • analyze data depending on engine speed (rpm), time, torque, lambda e.t.c.
  • freely configurable gauges

Test modes:

  • manual RPM control – can step through the RPM range manually. In the case of mapping the engine at constant engine speed and different load levels.
  • power sweep – controller uses user-defined acceleration rate (simple dyno graph)
  • brake sweep – smooth RPM increase in case of simulating vehicle climbing mountain. No PID control.
  • load control mode – for high torque cars
  • inertial mode – for low powered cars possible to measure without braking rollers electronically


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